Selling to WestCMR

We ensure our customers receive a quick response with the highest value on their overstock supplies.

Every hospital and surgery center in the United States has some level of ongoing surgical surplus. WestCMR provides a sustainable alternative to inventory waste by transforming your excess or unwanted inventory into funds for your organization. 

How WestCMR Values Surplus

While surplus inventory is not worth its original purchase price, WestCMR gives facilities the ability to recoup the value of their unneeded supplies. 

WestCMR quotes are based upon fair market value and adjusted return on investment, allowing our clients to reap the greatest benefits from liquidating their surplus surgical inventory. Your supplies' adjusted return on investment is determined based upon the following factors:


WestCMR determines the value of each item based upon comparative analyses of what the market is demanding and how much of it is available. The greater the demand and the lower the supply, the greater the value of the item.

Product Condition

We have a team dedicated to inspecting each product to ensure it meets the following requirements: new, in-date, and in its original packaging with patient labels intact. Products cannot be damaged or altered in any way.

Expiration Date

Disposable surgical supplies have a fixed shelf life, which we evaluate when determining fair market value. As a product approaches its expiration date, its market value decreases. A product with a longer shelf life remaining will result in a higher value.

Products & Manufacturers We Purchase

WestCMR purchases product lines from leading manufacturers in the following surgical specialties:

Some of the top manufacturers include:

For a more extensive list, view our products we buy page.

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