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Dressing System, 18 L x 12.5 cm W, Medium, "Honeycomb" Pattern Contact Layer, Sterile, Single-Use
/Box of 5
The 3M V.A.C. Veraflo Cleanse Choice dressing , in conjunction with 3M Veraflo therapy, can be used to initiate wound cleansing and facilitate removal of infectious materials. Designed specifically for use with 3M V.A.C. Veraflo therapy, provides a wound cleansing option for clinicians when surgical debridement must be delayed or is not possible or appropriate. 3M V.A.C. Veraflo Cleanse Choice dressing provides "mechanical'' movement at the wound surface in combination with cyclic delivery and dwell of topical solutions to help disrupt, soften, solubilize and remove thick exudate (such as or e.g. slough) and non-viable tissue. 3M V.A.C. Veraflo Cleanse Choice dressing with 3M V.A.C. Veraflo therapy is ideal for dirty wounds needing immediate wound cleansing.
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Manufacturer KCI
Width 12.5 cm
Size Medium
Sterility Sterile
Length 18 cm
Usage Single-Use