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Gamma Probe, 10 mm dia., Wireless, Ergonomic Design, Sterile, Single-Use, For Sentinel Node, Parathyroid and Tumor Localization Procedures
The TruNode system enhances breast surgery as a high performance, sterile, single-use, wireless gamma probe. Designed for the most common radio-guided surgical procedures, including sentinel lymph node biopsy. The TruNode system is designed to detect faint nodes even when close to the injection site and enables precise hotspot localization throughout the axilla. Additionally, the sterile, single-use nature of the probe reduces the risk of cross-contamination and surgical site infections by eliminating the need to re-process a reusable probe.
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Manufacturer HOLOGIC
Type Wireless
Sterility Sterile
Diameter 10 mm
Usage Single-Use
Design Ergonomic