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Carotid Endarterectomy Shunt, 10 cm Length, Sundt Internal Type, 3 x 4 mm Cannula Nominal Size, 3.8 Distal x 5.5 mm Proximal Size, 1.3 ID x 3 mm Distal OD, 2.2 ID x 4 mm Proximal OD, Sterile, Single-Use
The Integra NeuroSciences sundt internal and external (loop) carotid endarterectomy shunts are designed to provide temporary carotid bypass for cerebral circulation during carotid endarterectomy procedures. The sundt internal and external carotid endarterectomy shunts are constructed of silicone elastomer with stainless steel spring reinforcement to minimize kinking and occlusion of the cannula lumen and to aid in the ease of insertion of the proximal and distal ends. The ends of the shunts have cone-shaped bulbs to facilitate fixation of the shunt in the vessel. Quite frequently in the internal type shunt a distal tourniquet is not required because, if the proper shunt size is selected, the bulb fits firmly enough against the wall of the vessel that there is no bleeding around the distal bulb. A tourniquet is always required on the proximal end of both the external and internal shunts and usually on the distal end of the external shunt. The internal shunt is 10 cm long and designed for placement within the artery, the external shunt is 30 cm in length to allow formation of an external loop. Both shunts are available in three different diameters- small, medium and large which are detailed in the dimensioned Illustrations section. Vessels which appear somewhat small on angiography and at surgery usually will accommodate the medium sized shunt. The small shunt is reserved for vessels which appear very small on the angiography and at surgery. Flow values through the small shunts have been reported to be adequate for cerebral perfusion and have delivered an adequate amount of flow for cerebral protection during the period of endarterectomy. Internal and external shunts are also available in models with a 1 cm nonreinforced segment near the midway point of the shunt to allow the surgeon to selectively occlude blood flow through the shunt with an appropriate clamping device and to facilitate simple shunt removal. The 1 cm non-reinforced shunts are available in four different diameter which are detailed in the dimensioned illustration section.
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Dimension 3.8 Distal x 5.5 mm Proximal
Type Internal
Sterility Sterile
Length 10 cm
Usage Single-Use
Proximal Diameter 2.2 ID x 4 mm OD
Distal Diameter 1.3 ID x 3 mm OD
Cannula Nominal Size 3 x 4 mm