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Modified Novy Cornual Cannulation Set, 3 Fr Inner Catheter, 35 cm Introducing Catheter Length, 5 Fr Introducing Catheter, 0.018 in. Wire Guide Diameter, Clear Catheter Tip Provides Maximum Visualization of Inner Catheter and Wire Guide
The Novy Cornual Cannulation Set is intended for use through the operating channel of a hysteroscope or other uterine access device, for hysteroscopic or fluoroscopic selective catheterization and cannulation of the proximal fallopian tube(s), followed by the introduction of chromotubation solution or contrast medium, in the evaluation of tubal patency. The wire guide in the Novy Cornual Cannulation Set is intended only to facilitate placement of the inner catheter. It is not intended for tubal recanalization and should not be advanced beyond the tubal isthmus.
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Manufacturer COOK MEDICAL
Guidewire Diameter 0.018 in.
Inner Catheter Size 3 Fr
Introducing Catheter Length 35 cm
Introducing Catheter Size 5 Fr