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Microdissection Needle, 3 mm Size, 4 in. Sleeve Size, 45° Angle, Straight Sleeve, 3/32 in. Sleeve Diameter, Tungsten Alloy Tip, Sterile, Disposable, Single-Use, For Neptune E-SEP Smoke Evacuation Pencil
Originally developed at the request of a neurosurgeon, today’s Colorado needle line now includes more than 40 configurations tailored to the unique needs of diverse procedures. The needles are compatible with a range of monopolar diathermy handpieces on the market, including Stryker's neptune E-SEP smoke evacuation pencil. With an ultra-sharp tip and unparalleled small size, Colorado needle tips provide the consistent precision and patient protection you want from your everyday, "go-to" surgical instruments.
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Manufacturer STRYKER
Needle Type Insulated
Material Tungsten Alloy Tip
Size 3 mm
Sterility Sterile
Diameter 3/32 in. Sleeve
Disposable Yes
Angle 45°
For Use With For Neptune E-SEP Smoke Evacuation Pencil
Usage Single-Use
Sleeve Type Straight
Sleeve Size 4 in.