OLYMPUS: BC-202D-2010

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Cytology Brush, 2 dia. x 10 mm Length, 115 cm Working Length, 2 mm Minimum Channel Size, 0.064 mm Bristle Diameter, Covered Sheath, Sterile, Disposable, Single-Use, For Cytology
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Cytology brushes for pulmonary with covered sheath provide the ideal brush hardness for improved specimen collection with thinner bristles. A thicker control wire with increased warp resistance provides improved insertion capability and easier brushing. This brush features a brush length of 10 mm and an outer brush diameter of 2 mm.
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Manufacturer OLYMPUS
Sterility Sterile
Style Covered Sheath
Length 10 mm
Diameter 2 mm
Disposable Yes
Usage Single-Use
Working Length 115 cm
Minimum Channel Size 2 mm
Bristle Diameter 0.064 mm