ABBOTT: B1120-040

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PTA Catheter, 80 cm Length, 12 dia. x 40 mm Balloon Length, 6 Fr Sheath Size, 4 ATM Nominal Pressure, 10 ATM Rated Burst Pressure, Over-the-Wire Type, Sterile, Single-Use, Non-pyrogenic
Designed to streamline your procedure from start to finish. Armada 35 and Armada 35 LL are designed to optimize PTA performance at each stage of your procedure. Their combination of finesse and power reduces the need for specialty balloons and keeps you a step ahead in your cases.
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Manufacturer ABBOTT
Balloon Diameter 12 mm
Type Over-the-Wire
Sterility Sterile
Length 80 cm
Balloon Length 40 mm
Usage Single-Use
Sheath Size 6 Fr
Nominal Pressure 4 ATM
Rated Burst Pressure 10 ATM