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ACL TightRope RT with Double Loaded Passing Suture, Latex-Free, Single-Use, The ACL TightRope RT Implant is the First Adjustable Loop Device to Allow Surgeons to Pull the Shortening Strands in the Same Direction of the Graft
The ACL TightRope RT implant is the first adjustable loop device to allow surgeons to pull the shortening strands in the same direction of the graft. Over-the past decade, ACL TightRope RT fixation has proven itself with millions implanted and excellent clinical outcomes. The proprietary four point locking system allows one way shortening of the loop to maximize graft to socket contact and allows graft re-tensioning. The first of their kind TightRope pin and FlipCutter drill makes ACL reconstruction faster, less invasive and more anatomic. This innovation eliminates the need to retrieve shortening strands from the joint and allows the surgeon to pull in-line with graft advancement. The ACL TightRope RT implant also facilitates tibial fixation for all-inside ACL reconstruction with Graft Link technique. Using a single hamstring tendon looped between 2 ACL TightRope implants allows for simplified graft passing and tensioning from the femoral and tibial side in any degree of flexion.
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Manufacturer ARTHREX
Usage Single-Use
Latex Free Yes