BIOMET: A0210-09

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Bone Void Filler, 5 mL Size, Ceramic, Injectable, Moldable, Drillable, Non-exothermic, Highly Visible Under Fluoroscopy, Rapid and Complete Bone Remodelling, Not Temperature Sensitive
Cerament bone void filler is an injectable and moldable ceramic bone substitute intended for bone voids. The material consists of a powder and a liquid component. The major constituents of the powder are hydroxyapatite and calcium sulfate hemihydrate. The liquid component contains iohexol (C-TRU) as a radio-opacification enhancer. Mixing the components, with the combined mixing injection device (CMI), results in a viscous material intended to set ex-vivo or in-vivo. By combining hydroxyapatite and calcium sulfate an optimal balance is achieved between implant resorption rate and bone in-growth rate. Calcium sulfate acts as a resorbable carrier for hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite has a slow resorption rate, high osteoconductivity, promoting bone in-growth, and gives long term structural support to the newly formed bone. The ceramic bone substitute material is placed into the bone void under visual inspection or under radiographic monitoring during open or percutaneous surgery, with the use of the accompanying injection device (ID).
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Manufacturer BIOMET
Material Ceramic
Size 5 mL