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Microplate Channel Sheet, 40 x 52 x 2.3 mm, Barrier Surface
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Channel implants are designed for repair of significant orbital floor and wall trauma where the addition of one or more rigid fixation plates offers structural support. After the Medpor implant is cut to the desired shape, a rigid fixation plate is inserted in the channel. The plate may extend out both ends of the implant if desired. The plate allows the surgeon to bend and contour the implant to the desired shape. Once the implant shape and proper position is determined, the end of the plate is fixed to the orbital rim. The microplate and miniplate channel implants are 2.3 mm thick and have multiple parallel channels. The miniplate and microplate channel Implant accepts 1.2 mm wide plates and is used when the implant is cantilevered from the orbital rim. Channel implants are available with or without a barrier surface.
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Manufacturer STRYKER
Dimension 40 x 52 x 2.3 mm
For Use With For Oculoplastic Implant