ABBOTT: 9-PDA2-06-04

Quantity Available:1
Duct Occluder II and Delivery System, 6 dia. x 4 mm Length, Nitinol, 12 mm Disc diameter, 90° Curve Connection Type, 5 Fr Delivery Catheter Diameter, Sterile, Single-Use, For Ductal Arteriosus Closure
The Amplatzer family of duct occluders offers an extensive line of devices and a simple treatment option for the closure of patent ductus arteriosus. Amplatzer duct occluders are designed to occlude PDAs of various shapes and sizes. With an easy-to-perform deployment procedure, the implanting physician can be confident in placing the device with precision.
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Manufacturer ABBOTT
Material Nitinol
Sterility Sterile
Length 4 mm
Diameter 6 mm
Usage Single-Use
Catheter Diameter 5 Fr
Connection Type 90° Curved
Disc Diameter 12 mm