ALCON: 705.47P

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Forceps, 25G Gauge, 50 g - 23G, 40 g - 25G Grasping Force, Serrated Tip, Wide-Opening, Blunt Distal End, Sterile, Single-Use, For Secure Grasping of Fibrous Membranes
25+ Vitrectomy techniques may allow surgeons to achieve their goals with reduced surgical trauma, less postoperative inflammation, more rapid recovery times and less patient discomfort. The benefit is that eyes operated with this instrumentation may heal faster, regain vision faster and generally do better than if operated with standard 20G techniques.
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Manufacturer ALCON
Tip Type Serrated
Type Wide-Opening
Sterility Sterile
Usage Single-Use
Gauge 25G
Series DSP
Grasping Force 50 g - 23G, 40 g - 25G