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Ascites Shunt, 15.5 Fr Venous Catheter, 25 to 40 mL/min Flow Rate, Double-Valved, Effectively Manage Refractory Ascites, Retains Nutrients, Improves Mobility and Respiration, Relieves Massive, Increases Effective Blood Volume
A specially designed silicone medical device consisting of a pump chamber with two catheters, the Denver shunt transfers fluid from the peritoneal space to the circulatory system. This allows the patient to maintain the critical protein and nutrients in the peritoneal fluid, and normal flow through vital organs. Double-valved shunts meet the needs of most patients. They provide ample flow rates and a second valve. The second valve serves as a check valve that helps prevent the reflux of blood into the venous catheter when the shunt is manually pumped.
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Manufacturer CAREFUSION
Catheter Size 15.5 Fr
Flow Rate 25 to 40 mL/min
Valve Type Double Valve