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Vascular Closure System, Medium, 1.4 mm Clip Size, 35 Clips/Applier, 8 cm Shaft Length, Single-Use, For AV Fistulas, Peripheral Bypass Grafting, Arteriotomy and Venotomy, Vessel Repair
The AnastoClip AC closure system provides precise and rapid vascular anastomosis. AnastoClip, placed in an interrupted fashion, facilitate a compliant anastomosis without penetrating the vessel lumen. The anastomosis is allowed to contract and expand to accommodate pulsative flow due to interrupted AnastoClip placement. In addition, hemostatic anastomosis and faster clipping reduce OR time. The AnastoClip AC closure system now can also be used for approximation of dural tissue. The new 15 cm length allows for better access in hard to reach anatomies. AnastoClip, placed in an interrupted fashion, facilitates compliant dural closure(1) without penetrating the dura. This eliminates CSF leakage from suture holes and allows for significantly reduced or time.
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Size Medium
Shaft Length 8 cm
Usage Single-Use
Number Of Clips 35
Clip Size 1.4 mm