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Suture, Size 2-0, Polytetrafluoroethylene, Non-Absorbable, Monofilament, Taper Point, TT-17, TT-17 Needle, 17 mm Needle Length, 3/8 Circle Needle Curvature, CV-3 Thread, Sterile, Single-Use, Double Arm
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The Gore-Tex suture is a microporous, monofilament suture of flexible biomaterial for excellent handling, reduced hole-leakage and minimal irritation in soft tissue approximation. Compared to other monofilament sutures, the soft, flexible surface of the Gore-Tex suture results in softer knots when placed in subcutaneous tissue.
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Manufacturer GORE
Needle Type TT-17, TT-17
Thread Length 36 in.
Needle Point Type Taper Point
Material Polytetrafluoroethylene
Size 2-0
Needle Length 17 mm
Sterility Sterile
Absorbability Non-Absorbable
Usage Single-Use
Sterilization Method Ethylene Oxide
Construction Monofilament
Needle Curvature 3/8 Circle
Arms Double
Control Precise
Thread Size CV-3