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Mesh Plug, 1.6 H x 2 in. W, Polypropylene, Pre-Shape, Light-Weight, With Onlay, Non-absorbable, Conforms to Anatomical Shape, Demonstrated Stability, Provides Good Apposition to Surrounding Tissue
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A non-absorbable, lightweight, pre-formed, three-dimensional plug constructed of knitted rows of monofilament polypropylene with multiple protruding monofilament loops designed for open inguinal hernia repair.
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Manufacturer ATRIUM
Dimension 1.8 x 3.5 in. Onlay
Type 3-Dimensional
Material Polypropylene
Size XL
Style Light-Weight
Shape Pre-Shape
Absorbability Non-Absorbable
For Use With For Open Surgical Hernia Repair
With Onlay
Construction Monofilament
Plug Height 1.6 in.
Plug Width 2 in.