BARD: 143112

Quantity Available:19
Suprapubic Introducer/Foley Catheter Set, 14 Fr Introducer, 12 Fr Foley Catheter, No Separate Cannula is Required
The suprapubic introducer/foley catheter set offers a simplified system for bladder drainage by suprapubic placement of a foley catheter. The foley catheter and urine collection bag provide a closed system for collection of urine from the bladder. No loss of urine occurs during the bladder entry. The tray comes with a trocar, which has a thumb guide to direct pressure during passage. No separate cannula is required. No adhesives or body seals are required to hold the catheter in place.
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Manufacturer BARD
Size 14 Fr Introducer, 12 Fr Foley Catheter
Latex Free No
Includes Procedural Trays, Suprapubic Tray, Bardex Lubricath, Needle Introducer, Councill Catheter Stylet, Collection Bag, Pre-filled Catheter Inflation Syringe (Single-Use)