GYRUS ACMI: 140898

Quantity Available:2
Prosthesis, 5.6 mm Length, 3 mm Flange Diameter, 1.17 mm Partially Cannulated, Shea PORP, Hydroxylapatite Head, Sterile, Single-Use,PlastiPore Shaft Provides a Cannulated, Trimmable Length for Placement over the Capitulum of the Stapes
The Shea Porp prosthesis utilizes a hydroxylapatite head and an "easy-to-trim" Plasti-Pore shaft. The small diameter head makes reduction in size unnecessary for most reconstructions.
More Information
Manufacturer GYRUS ACMI
Material Hydroxylapatite Head, PlastiPore Shaft
Sterility Sterile
Length 5.6 mm
Usage Single-Use
Latex Free Yes
Design Shea PORP
Flange Size 3 mm