GYRUS ACMI: 140784

Quantity Available:1
Piston, 0.6 dia. x 4.25 mm Functional Length, Platinum and Fluoroplastic, Richards Type, Sterile, Single-Use, Latex-Free
This design incorporates the popular fluoroplastic piston shaft with a platinum ribbon loop. Platinum is a well-tolerated, "obedient" metal that is easy-to-crimp with virtuallyno "spring-back". The loop is a flat cross-section (rather than round), providing a wide area of contact to discourage point necrosis and to provide superior purchase.
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Manufacturer GYRUS ACMI
Material Platinum and Fluoroplastic
Sterility Sterile
Diameter 0.6 mm
Usage Single-Use
Latex Free Yes
Design Richards
Functional Length 4.25 mm