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Argon Beam GI Probe, 2.3 mm x 220 cm, Original, Uses A Focused Column of Ionized Argon Gas at Room Temperature to Deliver the Energy
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Conmed provides advanced technology for the gastroenterologist with ABCFlex probes and the System 7550 ABC ESU or System 7500 ABC ESU. Argon Beam Coagulation technology enables the surgeon to achieve non-contact hemostasis with minimal thermal injury of adjacent or underlying tissue. ABC technology is ideally suited for GI applications and is a valuable tool for the gastroenterologist. Like standard electrosurgery, energy is delivered to tissue to create hemostasis, but the argon beam uses a focused column of ionized argon gas at room temperature to deliver the energy. The resulting cool argon beam moves blood away from the bleeding tissue and coagulates directly to the mucosal surface which is intended to limit thermal spread and may result in less necrosis. It can be used to create superficial ablation of mucosal tissue over a large area, or remedy arteriovenous malformations (AVMs).
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Manufacturer CONMED
Dimension 2.3 mm x 220 cm