COVIDIEN: 125035

Quantity Available:41
Endobronchial Tube, 35 Fr Size, 4.8 ID x 11.7 mm OD, Cuffed, with Left Polyurethane Cuff, Slightly Curved Bronchial Tip for Position Placement
The endobronchial tube allows for the inflation of one lung as indicated for thoracic surgery or intensive care. There is a right and a left Bronch-Cath option depending on the lung that needs to be ventilated. The tube features a low pressure tracheal and bronchial cuff to minimize risk of mucosal damage. The specially designed bronchial cuff assists with location of the distal tip when verification is confirmed by a fiber-optic bronchoscope. There is a slight curve at the distal tip to assist with placement. There is also an x-ray opaque carinal hook for confirming placement.
More Information
Manufacturer COVIDIEN
Size 35 Fr
Usage Single-Use
Outer Diameter 11.7 mm
Securing Method Cuffed
Cuff Material Polyurethane