ABBOTT: 1012269-20

Quantity Available:1
Coronary Balloon Dilatation Catheter, 1.5 dia. x 20 mm Balloon Length, 145 cm Length, Pebax, Rapid-Exchange, Transitionless Tip, 0.017 in. Tip Profile, 8 ATM Nominal Pressure, 14 ATM Rated Burst Pressure, Sterile, Single-Use, Latex-Free
Low crossing profile of 0.021 in. across the Mini Trek RX size matrix allows for more versatility when accessing complex lesions. The ultra low-profile design of the Mini Trek RX balloon dilatation catheter delivers outstanding flexibility and lesion access.
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Manufacturer ABBOTT
Balloon Diameter 1.5 mm
Tip Type Transitionless
Type Rapid-Exchange
Sterility Sterile
Diameter 2.7 Fr Notch
Balloon Length 20 mm
Usage Single-Use
Latex Free Yes
Design Ultra Low-Profile, Hypotube, Tri-Fold
Tip Length <3 mm
Guidewire Compatibility 0.014 in.
Balloon Material Pebax
Nominal Pressure 8 ATM
Rated Burst Pressure 14 ATM
Crossing Profile 0.017 in. Tip
Catheter Length 145 cm
Marker Flexible Tungsten/Pebax
Technology Slim Seal
Shaft Type Flexible Distal
Tip Profile 0.017 in.
Balloon Coating Hydrophilic
Minimum Guide Sheath 6 Fr
Minimum Guide Catheter 5 Fr