People Before Product

While our business focuses on products, WestCMR is, first and foremost, a company built around people. From our team here, to our clients and customers, to the patients who benefit directly from the surgical supplies we help manage, our first priority is and always will be the people at every stage of our enterprise.

Randy Ware

CEO Emeritus

Rob Law

Director, Information Systems

Elvis Mrsic

Director, Operations

Heather Wagner

Director, Human Resources

Melissa Fischer

Administrative Assistant

Sandra Carvalho

Director, Sales and Acquisitions, West

Jennifer Perkins

Director, Sales and Acquisitions, East

Richard Blanchard

Manager, Strategic Accounts, West

Aidan Francis

Manager, Strategic Accounts, East

Shaoyi Hung

Manager, Sales, West

Anthony Leandri

Manager, Sales, East

Sylina Barwick

Manager, Sales, GeoSurgical

Elise Fontaine

Manager, Business Development and Training, West

John Ruppel

Manager, Business Development and Training, East

Sheila Wasser

Contracts and Business Coordinator, West

Danielle Drayer

Business Coordinator, East

Jeff Griffith

Strategic Accounts Representative, West

Carly Guerra

Strategic Accounts Representative, West

Melanie McGrade

Strategic Accounts Representative, East

Chase Register

Account Representative, West

Austin Jacobsen

Account Representative, East

Peggy Rumper

Business Development Specialist, West

Michael Roxin

Business Development Specialist, West

Cassie Pilawsksi

Business Development Specialist, West

Priyank Naik

Business Development Specialist, East

Jessica Makarious

Business Development Specialist, East

Kassandra Hensley

Strategic Accounts Representative, North America

David Vasquez

Strategic Accounts Representative, Asia-Pacific

Julian Hutchison

Strategic Accounts Representative, Europe-Africa

Preston Martin

Special Projects Manager

Roger Vogt

Supervisor, Inventory Operations

Brian Lorenzato

Inventory Operations Specialist

Tom McPherson

Inventory Operations Specialist

DJ Byers

Inventory Operations Specialist

Chantha Nak

Inventory Operations Specialist

Tyler Ayala

Inventory Operations Specialist

Camelia Nikolow

Senior Accountant

Jeff Hamlett

Information Systems Support Specialist