Sell Your Surplus

Finding Value in Unused Inventory

Since 1997, we've worked closely with hundreds of medical groups and surgery centers to sell their unneeded supplies, helping facilities like yours to improve their bottom line. Our unmatched inventory and client base allow us to value more codes, providing a better return for your surplus.

How It Works
Sell your surplus

More than Money: Goodness

Selling supplies you don't need means putting them into the hands of providers who can put them to good use. It's not often that doing something that streamlines your operation and frees up capital has the side effect of increasing the total amount of goodness in the world.

How does it work?

We buy and sell surgical surplus. By evaluating and comparing your surplus list to our database of historical sales and active accounts, we can give you a quick and equitable solution to move those products out of your facility.

In as little as 2-3 business days our professional and experienced Acquisitions Managers will present your facility with an offer to purchase your inventory. That offer will take into consideration current product demand, condition of the product (sealed cases or loose product) and expiration dates.

By eliminating surplus inventory from your facility, you will free up your staff ’s time, supply room space, reduce overstock AND receive money for your obsolete products – products that, in the past, you may have thrown away. Don’t waste these products and your time counting them over and over again at inventory time. Let WestCMR purchase them from your facility today!

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