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Bipolar Arthroscopic RF Energy System Probe, 135 mm Length, 90° Angle, with Suction, Sterile, Feature A Unique One-piece Tungsten Electrode Designed to Reduce the Risk of Probe Degradation, For Shoulder and Hip Procedures
ConMed's Edge bipolar arthroscopic RF system raises the bar for ablation performance. With bulk tissue removal using the face of the electrode and fine tune sculpting along the edge, Edge is ablating the competition. Edge probes feature a unique one-piece tungsten electrode designed to reduce the risk of probe degradation1 allowing surgeons to aggressively and safely remove bulk tissue. The Edge system offers a wide range of performance benefits ranging from optimized power settings to joint temperature monitoring with every probe in the portfolio.
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Manufacturer CONMED
Sterility Sterile
Angle 90°
Overall Length 135 mm
Probe Type Suction Probe