ARTHREX: ABS-2001-01

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DBM Putty, 1 cc, Creates a Bone Graft that has All Three Necessary Attributes for Optimized Healing - Osteogenic, Osteonductive and Osteoinductive Properties
StimuBlast provides osteoinduction and osteoconduction with optimal handling characteristics. The Reverse Phase Medium (RPM) carrier is biocompatible and allows the DBM to be moldable and packed into any defect size or shape. Due to the RPM carrier, StimuBlast DBM thickens up at body temperature and will resist irrigation. The combination of Angel Bone marrow Concentrate and StimuBlast DBM putty or gel creates a bone graft that has all three necessary attributes for optimized healing: osteogenic, osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties.
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Manufacturer ARTHREX
Quantity 1 cc