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Meniscal Repair System, Straight Needle, Ergonomic Handle, 360° Active Deployment Slider, Laser-marked Needle Tip, Stiffer and Low-Profile Needle Shaft, Smaller Implants and Ultrabraid 2-0 Suture
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The Fast-Fix 360 meniscal repair system provides a strong, reproducible and time-saving technique for meniscal repair. Biomechanical studies have demonstrated that a vertical mattress suture performed using the Fast-Fix 360 meniscal repair system has biomechanical properties equal to that of a vertical mattress suture performed using the open and inside-out repair techniques. This result can be achieved without the previously mentioned disadvantages and limitations of the inside-out and outside-in repair techniques and without the need for intra-articular knot tying. The system gives the surgeon the versatility of placing horizontal or vertical mattress sutures on the femoral or tibial surfaces of the meniscus, potentially minimizing risk to the posterior neurovascular structures.
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