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Limb Restraint, One Size Fits Most, 31 in. Strap Length, Blue, Soft Quilted Fabric, 11 L x 3 in. W Cuff, Wrist or Ankle Target Area, Quick-Release Buckle Cuff Closure and Strap Attachment, 2-Piece Single Strap Securing Method, Disposable
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Posey soft limb holders are designed to limit the movement of limbs in patients assessed to be at risk of disrupting life-saving treatment, line or tube pulling, exacerbating skin conditions, self-injury or compromising wound site integrity.
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Manufacturer POSEY
Material Soft Quilted Fabric
Size One Size Fits Most/Universal
Disposable Yes
Color Blue
Target Area Wrist or Ankle
Closure Type Hook-and-Loop Closure
Cuff Closure Quick-Release Buckle
Cuff Dimension 11 L x 3 in. W
Strap Attachment Quick-Release Buckle
Strap Length 31 in.
Securing Method 2-Piece Single Strap