GYRUS ACMI: 140859

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Prostheses, 6 mm Length, Black, Hydroxylapatite Head, Plasti-Pore Shaft, 4 x 3 mm Head Diameter, PORP Design, Oval-Top Head Type, 1.15 mm Partially Cannulated
Oval top head is made of dense hydroxylapatite and designed to minimize extrusion by eliminating any sharp edges. Easily trimmable Plasti-Pore or fluoroplastic shafts are cannulated to accommodate the stapes capitulum.
More Information
Manufacturer GYRUS ACMI
Head Diameter 4 x 3 mm
Material Hydroxylapatite Head, Plasti-Pore Shaft
Length 6 mm
Head Type Oval-Top
Color Black
Design PORP
Cannulated 1.15 mm Partially Cannulated